Claudia Lausseger

Claudia Lausseger| 2017 | Bachelorarbeit Modedesign



Never Stop Transforming

THE SOLAR SHOE contains organic photovoltaic cells, producing
energy, which is saved into battery packs.THE BACKPACK includes an integrated SLEDGE.THE SLEDGE can be used as a sledge and if needed transformesinto a LAMP. THE LAMP gets its energy from the shoe‘s batteries.
THE LEDs from the BACKPACK can be clipped via magnetics from thebackpack onto the sledge. THE COAT is divided into 2 parts. The lower part canbe detached and transformed into a PORTABLE SEAT. Explore nature. Explore yourself.

Betreut von:    Prof. Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus // Prof. Dr.  Ingeborg Harms// KM Lars Paschke

Film :Julia Eder//Nik Blum/

Model: Lukas Matthias Huss

Sounddesign:Rudi Pototschnig

Drehbuch:Claudia Lausseger//Julia Eder