Design for what Matters: BraunPrize 2018 | WS 2017/2018

Entwurfsprojekt 3. & 5. Semester
Max. 16 Teilnehmer (nur aus ‚Wir stellen uns
vor projekten‘ von Prof. Ineke Hans)

Anfang: 7 Nov. 2017
12-14 Febr 2018

LB Philipp von Lintel
(Prof. Ineke Hans)

• Besuch Braun Sammlung and Braun Design Offices in Kronberg im Taunus
• Selbständige Besuchen: Braun Sammlung Berlin


The International Competition for Product Design Concepts
The BraunPrize 2018 challenges creative minds to envision design concepts that matter. Our world is becoming increasingly complex – our focus should be on what is essential, on creating truly better solutions and experiences. By taking on global problems or simply improving the quality of individual lives, we want to encourage innovation that can be virtual or physical, scientific or technical, or that changes our behavior for the better. Awards will go to exceptional ideas and product design concepts – two or three dimensional, including interactive – that offer progress and improvement, that are significant, substantial, and meaningful: design for what matters.

End of project: Final submission date for Braunprize is 20th Mar, 2018. Free entry, prize money $ 75.000.
For the end of this project your submission should be ready on 12, 13 or 14th of Febr. (final date to be confirmed)

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