Power House -> short | SS 2018

Caleb Charland: fruit battery still live


Short Time Project
4/6. Semester

Unlimited amount of students
Projectweek 23-27 April

Strasse der 17. Juni 118
Room 202/203,
Info: 6 April 18.00
Kick-off: 23 April 13.00

Prof. Ineke Hans

We live in a networked society and for products we speak about the internet of things.
With all that the digitization in and around our houses grows. This is all very exciting, but it also means that more and more products with plugs and power are needed where we really have to slow down on our use of energy in the future!

How can we manage that with both old and new materials, methods and technologies and empower our homes and ways of living for the future?
This short time project is integrated in the Power House project as an experimental warming up/brainstorm week.

In Power House -> Short we will touch briefly on the various themes of the overall project and present some first thoughts.
new technology: such as the internet of things, use of programming / arduino
learning from the past: handpower, no power, common sense
biological power: sun, wind, shit, biogas
power of materials: isolating, heating up, conducting
powerfull themes: waste, food, water, energy, wellbeing
strategies of thing: systems, implementing, by who-for who?

The short time project  includes a visit to Deutsches Technikmuseum, but the Power House projects are open for high- and low-tech thoughts.
At the end of the short term project you some first results will be presented.