Kompaktkurs | Borderline Objects | Michelle Christensen / Florian Conradi 

It seems that we live in times of fictional-realities – from invisible trucks and virtual vacations, to self-driving cars, autonomous drones, DIY cyborgs and ‚Bourne Identity‘ soldiers. Countless products and garments have already been developed, inspired by for instance Iron Man’s ExoSkeleton suit, HG Wells’ Heat-Ray gun from The War of the Worlds, Harry Potter’s Invisibility cloak, and of course, the hovercraft from Star Wars.

Simultaneously, fiction itself has always been deeply based in empirical reality – from the cyberpunk movement to mainstream fantasy, these stories produce genuine social, political and cultural potentials and considerations. Hence, this cyclical production of the designed world, and the who-inspired-who discussion, opens up a fertile space for understanding things as culture, and our current culture of things.

In this one-week seminar, we will carry out a series of methodological experiments that examine the relationship and serious entanglement of fact and fiction. We will investigate and design borderline objects – creating im/possible things, with un/certain consequences, for a (relatively) real state of affairs.

22.02.-26.02.2016, 10-16 Uhr
Ort: Straße des 17. Juni 118 | Raum 207
Sprache: Deutsch / English
Teilnehmer: max. 15
Anmeldung unter:
Dozent/innen: Michelle Christensen / Florian Conradi

Photo Credit: Factory production of Guy Fawkes Masks. REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes