Anna Sophie Goschin


UNTITLED | Master 2017

UNTITLED is an investigation of fashion as part of a complex correlation between constitution and expression of the self. The assumption that this self is never consistent and constant forms the theoretical foundation. Thus change, spontaneity, inconsistency and indication are keywords in this project.

Putting the process itself in focus, questioning and eliminating traditional expectations in every stage of the design development. New forms of interplay between body and textile are tested by working spontaneously and directly on the body. Process becomes the outcome and essential principles of defining identity and fashion as a form of self expression are deconstructed.


Prof. Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus
KM Lars Paschke

Fotografin: Louisa Boeszoermeny
Visagistin: Patricia Heck
Models: Justine Maché
Johanna @FazeModels
Olga @VivaModels
Schuhe: Trippen
Assistenz: Christoph Sommer, Franca Schneider