Call for Participation – The De-Fashion Test Kitchen

Call for Participation

The De-Fashion Test Kitchen – Translating Degrowth into Action

a student think and make tank accompanying  “De-Fashioning Education –  A critical thinking and making conference (The Digital Multilogue on Fashion Education 2023 X Fashioning Education )

When? Friday 15.9.23 and Saturday 16.9.23 from 09:00 until 18:00

Where? Haus Bastian: Am Kupfergraben 10, 10117 Berlin

For whom? Students and recent graduates whose studies and work revolve around fashion and textiles and who are on the ´journey towards socio-ecological change in the field of fashion

Using the impulses of the De-Fashioning Education Conference as a framework, the Test Kitchen is a space for collective reflection, experimentation, action and to explore possibilities of Degrowth in our own fashion and textile practices.

The perspectives of young fashion practitioners (as change agents) plays a crucial role in the pursuit of de-fashioning education and fashion practice. Join us for this two-day workshop to learn about de-growth concepts and practices, reflect on them within the context of your work and translate them into your own practice within the context of the group. Be part of the de-fashion movement that carries fashion towards social and ecological justice!!

Through a series of workshops we will explore Degrowth from a wide range of perspectives and positions and interlink these with topics such as local production, activism, the role of care, our approach to the human and non-human environment, and our role as designers within a global fashion system.

The Test Kitchen is organized and facilitated by Isabell Schnalle and Nina Birri and a range of collaborators who will join us for workshops.

Students enrolled at The Berlin University of the Arts are eligible to gain Studium Generale Credits (2LP).

Registration is required until 30 June 2023.

Get detailed information here or visit the conference website.

We look forward to your participation.