P1ON33R2020L@B – The Laboratory’s Manifest (2014)



P1ON33R2020L@B // WS 2013/14 // Hauptstudium

The concept of our project is a fashion lab with a main focus on new creative experiments. A thorough but exciting research for alternative fashion statements. The subject or message can be freely chosen, depending of your personal interest, motivation or sensibility. The standard is the creation of an innovative avant-garde design, an alternative translation of a personal point of view, accurate to our current times or visionary to a possible future. See the world that surrounds you in an objective way, unprejudiced and make your personal interpretation. Leave mainstream moods behind and express your authentic remarks or feelings through your creation. Do some reflexion about fashion, about society, art,  industry, climate, politics, ethics,…

What would you change in your wildest dreams? Dare to follow your most open-minded and outspoken creative imagination and let’s do some research about how we can visualize, develop and translate your proposal into a fascinating new fashion approach. Feel free to invent other forms or shapes, play with proportions, reconsider materials or fabrics, develop alternative techniques, create another kind of beauty, a different reality, a new look for our world … New rebels proposing amazing and intriguing options, alternative answers to actual questions, beyond safe conformism and fearless for possible controversy. Pioneers, ready to remove standards! We refer to the sparkling and revolutionary early twenties of last century : the birth of modernism, cubism, dadaïsm, russian avant-garde, the triadic ballets, Gropius, Piet Mondrian, Oscar Schlemmer,…

A totally new and ground-breaking avant-garde design, with a huge impact on the entire society during the following decades, was created in that period. 100 years later we still consider these amazing creations as ultra modern. This is an appeal to connect with the spirit of this those early pioneers of modern design. Not to repeat or to copy their great visions, but a tribute to their work and visions. Motivated by their inspiration, we can make the next creative move. Beside the experiments we have to focus on an effective, relevant and clever visualization, communication and presentation of this artwork.

How to create a universal and open-minded frame around this creation, a multi functional social network? The impact of an artwork is more relevant when it is supported by a team, contributors with diverse but complementary disciplines. A creative and bright use of all new communication technologies are a challenge. Also in this field we can make a relevant difference and become reel trendsetters with a different démarche. A unique communication method will give us access to the global platform, it will maximize the basis and influence of your design. We invite you to create an astonishing and stunning art-work, to become the next pioneers in fashion design, inventors of a new avant-garde of the early twenties of the 21st century. // von GP Jurgi Persoons


Lehrende: GP Jurgi Persoons // GD Lars Paschke

Studierende: Annika Burmester // Elisabet Puhlmann // Hagar Rieger // Momme Ries // Muyao Zhang