Lisa Mann


To The Moon // PVC and Polyurethane Foam

This project on one hand deals with the idea of anticipation; emotions and expectations blur into each other right before go to a place never before visited. On the other hand it takes in focus the human habit of marking a territory as soon as we arrive to a new place. The act of “marking of the territory” serves as a physical marker of the human disability of abandoning habits.

The setting for this project is the moon; a neutral place without any cultural or social imprint. There is no atmosphere on the moon and as a consequence any markings on the surface of the moon will remain forever and serve as a lifetime proof of existence.

The project consists of a series of shoes that leave human traces behind on the surface of the moon. The shoes are made from layered Soft PVC and flexible Foam. They sit somewhere between a machine made footprint and an artificial rock.