Nathalie Krüger


Crystal Structure Shoes, Sine Wave Dress // Threaded Brass Tubing, partially soldered and patina coated and Bonded Cotton Tape

The project Intrinsic Codes is based on principles of pattern formation in natural systems. Ranging from sand dunes to microscopic organisms, the forming and formal characteristics of their surface patterns are based on the same fundaments.

The framework of the Crystal Structure Shoes is based on a naturally grown structure. The unit cell is a rhombus. While the sole part is adapted to the straight floor, the upper approximates the human foot. Soldered junctions (turquoise) create a rigid structure, but the other joints are flexible. These opposite tendencies form a balance, similar to the activator-inhibitor scheme on which certain pattern formations are based.

Sound frequencies generate patterns through moving particles. Sine Wave Dress refers to the generation of frequencies by the human voice and points out that these sound vibrations are amplified through various body cavities. High frequencies are represented as short waves and are amplified in the head’s resonance rooms. Long waves correspond to low frequencies amplified by the abdominal cavity. These two wave shapes are directly translated in the pattern of the dress. A technique of taping cotton stripes allows sinuous modulations in a textile medium. The processes of pattern formation can be regarded as kind of computation.