Dancing Shoe, Sitting Shoe, Walking Shoe // Latex, Leather and Cabon Fibre

This project deals with the aesthetic and the functionality of information graphics and network diagrams. Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of data and knowledge intended to present complex information and interlinking information clearly and in one depiction. Network Diagrams usually consist out of points, set within a grid, which are connected with each other.

For each shoe design a network diagram was created that conveys the choreography of the movements and distances traveled of the foot of a person in selected area. The information in these diagrams are directly translated into the patterns and structures that make up the shoes.

The network diagram of the Walking Shoe shows the distances and quantity walked within a week by the designer herself, the Dancing Shoe map shows the movement of a dancer in a room and the Sitting Shoe plan outlines the micro moments of a of a person sitting down.