the secret is in the detail // SS 2012 // Hauptstudium

In this project students were asked to each produce a collection which results from profound research into and experimentation with the following:

1. Specific finishings used upon and within garments (for example, the seams, fusings, linings, zips, buttons and pocket facings).
2. Specific techniques and treatments (which might include knitting techniques, crochet, a print or weaving technique, a fabric manipulation, latex, foam, laser cuts or other decorative/construction techniques).
3. Ways in which the above two aspects might be successfully and innovatively combined into three full outfits.
4. Ways in which you can innovatively present/exhibit/showcase your finished work (and some of the supporting research).

Lehrende: GP Peter Jensen // Lars Paschke // Stefan Hipp

Studierende: Bergdis Inga Brynjarsdottir // Sibel Celik // Nathini Erber // Karin Hoffmann // Marcus Karkhof // Milena Kraft // Nan Li // Anna Michaelis // Venus Nemitz // Sven Oldenburg // Magdalena Samuel // Lisa Sänger