Crafting Plastics! von Produktdesignerin Vlasta Kubušová und Modedesignerin Verena Michels als eine Kooperationsplattform für junge Kreative unterschiedlicher Disziplinen konzipiert, welche die Produktionswege der Designindustrie transparenter machen soll. Bio-Plastik und natürliche Fasern werden erforscht und mögliche Anwendungen getestet. Alle entstehenden Produkte sollen informieren, auf welche Art, von wem, aus welchen Materialien und warum sie gestaltet worden sind. Wie kann Design auf Krisen des Zusammenwirkens von Ökologie und Ökonomie reagieren und neue Handlungsspielräume öffnen?

Betreut von: Prof. Marloes ten Bhomer // Prof. Axel Kufus // KM Lars Paschke // KM Hanna Wiesener

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Fotos: Elina Abdrakhmanova (models) //  Kubusova, Michels (plastic object/ material)

Models:  Jessica Irabor // Paulina Blahova




› CRAFTING PLASTICS! ‹ at Rundgang 2015

We do not care for coffee without caffeine.
We do not love alcohol-free beers.
But we do enjoy our plastics with no oil.

CRAFTING PLASTICS! is a platform for craft, technology, natural textiles and bio plastics.
1. We think that the future would be more interesting without the everyday objects made by the fossil-fuel industry: plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic clothes. Our aim is getting bio plastics on the stage of our day-to-day lives. Our products are raincoats, sun glasses and outdoor accessories.
2. Be prepared: While computational models that simulate weather forecasting get better, the weather and seismic patterns become seemingly less predictable.
3. Be part of it: We think low-key and high-end. Products are made by hand, in the oven, by laser cut or with an ultrasonic machine. Our production is inclusive and lives from punctual cooperation and exchange.


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CRAFTING PLASTICS! is a project initiated by Vlasta Kubusova and Verena Michels. The product designer and the fashion designer aim to develop a cooperative platform of young people from different professional fields. This cooperative shall develop a fresh outlook on local production by deconstructing its heterogenous elements (material research + experimentation, product selection + development, artisanal craft). We offer product ranges in a-cyclic events on- and offline. These products have the ambition to educate and inform about how and by whom they are made, from which ingredients and why.

„Reality is changed by thinking it up differently“ J.K.Gibson-Graham

Design philosophy

We comment on the current system by giving ourselves a voice. We design a platform or an organization that alters from the problematic model of the lonely freelancer who competes with other individuals for jobs in a climate of ongoing crisis. By founding a heterogenous collective and activating each member’s talents we confront the current crises in politics, economy, education and ecology. We see ourselves as researchers and we want to benefit from design’s potential to connect all kinds of disciplines. We are proud of our own expertise and combined knowledge. Yet, we want to share the process of designing and communicating with graduates from other fields who can give unexpected and specialized input.

The name CP! (Crafting plastics!) comes from the idea to work with bio plastic and natural fibres,experiment with unexpected connections of these materials and production techniques: high-tech and craft. The goal is to reinterpret each material group and communicate their qualities as well as problems concerning environment and labour conditions. Referencing hierarchies and marketing elements of the high fashion system we comment on current problems and paradoxes with humour and sincerity.

Project space and concept store

CP! will be a space in Berlin, where a dirty lab, an artisanal workshop and a concept store happen in one location and inspire one another. The members of the collective are assigned to a specific area and specialize in their research theme while being aware of the other processes. There is room for discussion and creative exchange. Selected experiments from the dirty lab will be developed further and can be passed on to the artisanal / production group.


In our product range it sometimes is not easy to tell where the jokes end and seriousness begins. Starting point are relevant and urgent concerns about material matters, production and working conditions which we translate in communicative, narrative products and objects. We want to provide short term solutions for current problems as well as long term utopias and ideals.

The products range from street credibility to high end luxury both in visuality and price. What connects all of them is the goal to connect information, controversy and pleasure. We make interior objetcts, raincoats, bags, sweaters, shoes, perfume. We also offer our own textiles and material samples to designers and makers. We work with limited editions, one-offs, reproducible products and series.