DER DI DAS // Sommersemester 2009 // Hauptstudium

Commercial reality seems to influence the design process sometimes with strong limitations. The challenge of a creative and trained designer is to focus on the strongest ideas and extend simplicity into a convincing and unexpected product.

In this project the participants got the chance to design five Styles, women’s, men or uni- sex for the Adidas Originals collection fall 2010 and developed them in a selection of their most authentic fabrics, french terry, polyester knit, polyester woven and compact wool. The aim was to use the heritage of the past and transfer it into contemporary designs attracting a new generation yet unaware of its roots.

This course was addressed to students who are aware of their design skills and requires good knowledge of patterns and finishings.

Lehrende: Prof. Stephan Schneider // Dipl.-Des. Franziska Schreiber // Gastprof. Sebastian Fischenich // Dipl.-Des. Silvia Schüller // Gastdozent Tamotsu Kondo // Stefan Hipp

Gast: Johan Buskqvist, Head of Design Adidas Originals