Barbara Weible


you are not authentic unless your eyes mirror your soul // 2012 // Diplomarbeit Modedesign

The digital media function as a virtual identity finder in today’s society. I flirt as „Coco85“ with „dirtyharry“. My short hair has become a long blond mane. I have revamped my image. Each parameter of the idealization of my new virtual identity, of my self-constructed avatar is freely definable. Here I am sitting comfortably at home and experience role-playing adventures that become even more exciting as reality and form uncomplicated adequate replacement.

The result is a collection of 8 women outfits that reflects the critical engagement with the issue of „self-isolation“, using the example “gaming”, in an abstract way.

Materials used are silk and napa-leather, the shoes were made of poured concrete with bolt-on straps.


Betreut von: Prof. Grit Seymour // Prof. Dr. Walter Scheiffele // KM Melanie Freier

// photos: Sebastian Donath
// models: Kate (Izaio) / Frida B. (Viva)
// hair /make-up: Maria Ehrlich