The endless | Gabriela Guasti Rocha

The endless
von Gabriela Guasti Rocha
Porcelain Reloaded
WS 2014/15

Is a multi possibility porcelain Amulet that looks for a shaman of our times. The question is how can we bring spirituality to our technological routine?
The origin is a circle. A basic shape that is possible to find in many different ancient spiritual philosophies like Cabala, Taoism, Astrology… these were the main inspirations to design a symbol of which originates all the combinations for different necklaces.
The intention of the endless Amulet is to connect us with the invisible energy that we lost contact. Nowadays technology has become part of us. Smartphones have become some sort of modern Amulets. Through smartphones we communicate overseas, we have access to huge amount of information. We locate ourselves, we can check the weather.. it fells like we can know everything but at same time there is a permanent search for security. It is hard to trust in the future and lose the fear of the unknown.
May the amulet be an answer as an object of power to protect. It is like a dream that guide us.. Fragile, soft and strong.. Porcelain is an powerful material. It rises from fire and is a mineral connection to earth.
The endless amulet is like a don´t forget note, a way to connect with nature. Trust the unknown. Dress it. Hold it. Fell it. Be technological-back-to-the-earth human being to face the future as fearless warrior.