IN VISIBLE | 2015 | Bachelorarbeit Produktdesign


IN VISIBLE is a limited edition series of three bowls cast in bronze highly polished to a mirror finish surface. An antidote to monotonous, mass-produced design, the bowls encourage people to reconsider the relationship they have with objects. Ovoid shapes in different sizes with only one axis of symmetry, the bowls circular shape suggests that they have no beginning or end.

Similar to a black hole, the focus of vision is directed towards the centre where the realm of the infinite begins. In spite of the heavy material, the reflective surface broadcasts a visual and physical weightlessness.

Simultaneously, present and absent, solid and intangible, material and immaterial, the bowls expand beyond the bounds of their appearance.

They provide a profound parallel to Giorgio de Chirico’s declaration that „every object has two aspects“. One aspect which we always see, and the other which is metaphysical, concealed in the characteristics of the object.

The bowls make visible the things that ordinarily go unseen. A new visual and sensual perception arises.

PROF Achim Heine | PROF Andreas Bergmann | PROF Stefan Römer