Aicha Abbadi


Unique Forms of Discarded Ideas// 2016 //Bachelorarbeit Modedesign

To slow down fashion’s pace and its emphasis on instantaneous consumption this work is focused on the ‘making’ instead of the ‘marketing’ of fashion.

The collection is a visualization of its own creation. Each silhouette represents one step of the creative process, from the initial blank slate over research and form-finding towards the final fashion product.
They offer a glimpse into a thought process that gradually materializes. The process does not merely reflect a linear or chronological procedure, but involves decisions made over others, ideas abandoned in favour of a change in direction and the perpetual refinement of that which has yet to take on form.
Leaving room for experimentation, the collection reveals the steps that lead up to what is finally presented to the public. It is a reflection upon fashion within its own means and limitations.


Betreut von:   Prof.  Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus, Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Harms ,KM Franziska Schreiber

// fotos: Carlito Schiliro
// model: Jules Finn
// hair & make-up: Vanessa Aza