Cortina | Dario Iannone


Cortina is a piece that was created during the research for new methods of mold building in ceramics. Reinterpreting the traditional methods used in ceramics I created a machine that is able to produce flexible and flowing shapes. Although the surface structure of Cortina is the main eye-catcher, the machine is actually capable of creating a variety of shapes and surfaces.

„Phaedrus“, he was saying to me, „the more I meditate on my art, the more I practice it; the more I think and act, the more I suffer and rejoice as an architect; and the more I feel my own being with an ever surer delight and clarity.“ „I go astray in my long spells of waiting; I find myself again by the surprises I give myself; by means of these successive degrees of my silence, I advance in my own edification; and I draw near to such an exact correspondence between my aims and my powers, that I seem to myself to have made of the existence that was given me a sort of human handiwork.“


„By dint of constructing,“ he put it with a smile, „I truly believe that I have constructed myself.“ SOCRATES: To construct oneself, to know oneself – are these two, distinct acts or not? PHAEDRUS: … and he [Eupalinos] added: „I have sought accuracy in my thoughts, so that being engendered by the consideration of things they might be changed as though of their own accord into the acts of my art I have apportioned my attentions; I have arranged the problems in another order; I begin where I finished off formerly, so as to go a little further… I am niggardly of musings, I conceive as though I were executing. What I think is feasible, and what I do is related to the intelligible. …

And then… listen, Phaedrus,“ he went on to say, „this little temple which I built for Hermes, a few steps from here, if you could know what it meant to me! There where the passer-by sees but an elegant chapel – ‚tis but a trifle: four columns, a very simple style – there I have enshrined the memory of a bright day in my life.“