ANTONIA SCHREITER | 2018 | Bachelorarbeit Modedesign




Inspired by my grandfather’s way of clothing, the tailoring of the Savile Row, the lifestyle of a Sapeur, the appeal of neon colors and daily impressions of living in the metropole Berlin with its city lights, roadworks, creativity, artists and graphical elements surrounding, the uniting of diverse influences into one collection became my main instrument. Unusual material combinations like the punctual use of neon colors on tweed provoking the effect of an electric glow, creating uniqueness and giving back value to the garment itself. The collection became a very personal reflection of myself, my interests, my preferences and experiences – a Karambolage.

Betreut von:   Prof. Valeska Schmidt-Thomsen // Prof. Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus // Prof. Dr.  Ingeborg Harms

Antonia Schreiter’s Abschlusskollektion wurde im Juli 2018 im Rahmen der MITTELMODA FASHION AWARDS mit dem Preis ‚Most Creative Collection‘ ausgezeichnet. Sie konnte sich unter anderem für das Halbfinale der H&M Design Awards 2019 qualifizieren.


Lookbook Shooting: Fotos: Nicole Doberstein, Model: Patrick Kurth

Fleamarket Shooting: Fotos: Thijsiena Marx, Model: Jordan Vandertoorn