Maggie | Lisa Böhm

Maggie, stacking bench

Maggie is a stackable bench to sit on in a cosy way with two persons. Her focus lies on a sustainable plug in system without Andy nails, dowels, screws or glue.
Maggie is flexible in storage and transport. By simply setting up or by stacking new place is fixed easily.

Lisa Böhm, 3.sem WS 2017/18

The idea to design a bench raised from that we have a lot of group meetings and discussions and we also hear many presentations and lectures. I found it interesting to design a practical and flexible seat option for these situations.
For me, benches symbolize the coming together of a community. That’s why I chose to make a bench.

For me also the construction was Important, it consists of a six-component plug-in system. The connection doesn’t rely on nails, screws, dowels and glue.
Inspirations wear traditional plug and play furniture. I want to make these plugins doable in a CNC- maschiene.
That’s why Maggie is quick and easy to integrate into a room in case of use. After using Maggie you can create space again, by simply stacking or easily disassembling her.