Tilt | Agnes Kelm


TILT is a stool that enables you to sit in good posture. It uses the principle of the classic milkstool which forces you to balance on one chairleg. This results in constant minimal movement that is strenghening your back muscles without being exhausting. Instead it is fun and absorbs the bodies normal urge to move itself. Towards the classic thinlegged milkstool TILT has a special expanded leg that prevents the stool from falling over.

The stool is planned to be produced in a local workshop for disabled people. This means that the structure of it is pretty simple. Additionally all parts can be cut with the help of templates which help the peoble to work independently and also provokes that in serial production all the stools are the same.
To enable a production in open source I created a guide which explains how the build the templates and afterwards the stool.

Agnes Kelm, 5.sem WS 2017/18