Morphosis | MASTER 2018

The Morphosis project focuses on the shifting boundaries of haptic perception, due to technological improvements. Therefore, it rethinks the possibilities of human-to-human communication, through touch on distance and tackles the common understanding of personal identity and how this concept of identity evolves. It uses ideas from Phenomenology and Psychology to enable an understanding of how essential the moment of touching oneself is for the development of a cautiousness for an own identity. With the idea of expanding that moment of touching oneself through technology, one person can touch themselves by touching somebody else. The concept of identity creation now has to be rethought. From that point on subjectivity, it can be replaced by inter-subjectivity.

This means that the perception of somebody else can be the perception of someone else at the same time while only one person actually has to make that experience.

For this project, three all over suits were made, which work under the technology of touching each other through distance. The design itself focuses on the human body, in order to exemplify the idea of a technology that goes deeper than the surface of our bodies.

The aim of this project is to cause awareness for possible outcomes that this technology might have for us.


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