Tableau | Sarah Sekles


In our studio there is a corner with a sink. On its left is a small shelf. On its right another one, a meter away a third one. Somewhere in between, the refrigerator, all of this in different proportions, materials and shapes.
In an attempt to organise the situation Tableau is a display element, proudly leaning against the wall, exposing the contents of these shelves in an orderly way. It is an easy to build element, allowing extension and modularity due to the multiplication of one shape lamella and an click mechanism which makes tools, screws, nails or glue unnessesary.
Plates, glasses, cuttlery and cups are being stuck into cut outs of the lamellas building a composition of geometric shapes on a slanted canvas.

Sarah Sekles, 5.sem WS 2017/18

process & details: