EXCURSION: Berlin GLAS E.v. | SuSe 2018

24 April 2018: Visit and glass intro at Berlin Glas E.v.

Berlin Glas E.V. is an open glas studio based in Berlin that offers introductions, courses and residencies in glass.
We paid them a morning visit to find out about the basics of glass blowing and try out a few things. After a short intro through the workshop the 7 students came up with a joint plan on what they would like to work on and see in reality and than the hotshop team with Jesse and William tried to make that.
The students had chosen a rather complicated object (3 rings in which a carafe with handle had to be blown) that was difficult to realize. However it immediately showed the beauty and complexity of glass…

Filmed impressions at Berlin Glas by Ayosha Kortlang