Workshop: Gunda Siebke – Schöner Wohnen | for Milan 2018

6 April 2018
Raum 203

In april 2018 UdK Produkt Design planned to present at SaloneSatellite in Milan during the annual Salone del Mobile.

Gunda Siebke is head editor of Design at Schöner Wohnen Magazine. Apart from writing about design she studied design in the past which gives her a unique blend in her profession. To prepare the exhibiting students and graduates for their presentation in Milan Gunda Siebke came for a day to Berlinand gave a workshop on design and communication.

Issues that were dealt with:
• how do you present yourself?
• how do you present your product?
• how do you communicate about your presentation?
• how to deal with the press?
• how do you get in touch with the visitors?
• how do you contact people that you like to come?
• how do you stay in touch?

Workshop impressions: