DATADATADATA | Bachelorarbeit 2018

2018 : NOW
Permanent Connectivity, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence…
Mankind just stumbled into the smart century. Also with the help of designers who push more and more technology into our lives. Technologies only few understand. The majority can only wonder: Will this enable us to overcome the planetís biggest issues? Or are we lead to unparalled forms of control and the end of civil societies?

Who owns these technologies? Who controls them?

DATADATADATA is an object collage taking visual quotes from the internetís Big Five as well as the global fibre optic infrastructure and the NSAí cyber command. In the context of a bathroom, the most private place in our homes, strong connections to privacy and vulnerability are obvious.

The work doesnít stop with visual quotes. It combines techniques from the fields of art, hightech and design to interact with the viewer. Viewers in front of the object are tracked and rated with the help of machine vision and AI. The results are projected onto the body individually.

DATADATADATA intends to spark a discussion about internet monopolies,
surveillance, how smart devices will change our lives and about the role of the
designer in guiding this process to a positive outcome.

Interactive object collage / Washbasin for the year 2030
Steel / Rubber / Mirror / Acryl / Copper / Solid Surface Material / Carpet /
Camera System / Projector



Prof. Axel Kufus, Prof. Jussi Ängesleva, Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Harms