Earth Battery | Bastian Thürich

Back in 2018, we knew about the micro-organism in the ground, who feed themselves from the leftovers of Plants. We also knew that their excretions are electrons and that by harvesting them we could actually create energy! Yet, nobody really seemed to care. The Amount of current produced was too little to be interesting for the big energy companies. But, what we saw in that technology, was the opportunity to live with nature in harmony again. And now on the 18. of May 2038, 20 years after we took up this crazy journey, we are proud to announce that Berlin is the first place in the World trusting in POWER-PLANT-TECHNOLOGY to enlighten the entire City.

The EARTH BATTERY can be used everywhere where there is earth. It harvests power from soil excretions that turn out to be electrons! It’s still weak but has potential to become a versatile outdoor energy source in gardens, parks or simply on the balcony.

Power House / future technologies workshop with Marjan van Aubel
Bastian Thürich, 6. sem SS 2018