cantouchthis* – Graduation Show Master N°2, 19 October, 19:00 @ designtransfer

*You can’t touch this. Can you? What are our experiences about the incomprehensible alphabet of statements of sensuality and their uncertainty, is there more to it than wearing a clean holistic shirt made of elements discovered by us after we stopped eating with hands to create a wasteless space where we could find a habitat a new home full of DIY furniture to think of a olfactory medium for cultures and their fermentation? We could sit together intertwined through interaction and get (in)audibly beatmet into a cultural hybridity packaging which has to be dissolved by way of biomythography, so in the end there is more than anger and fearBut don’t forget it cleans dishes!

So we the graduating class of 2018 are inviting you to share with us an evening where you get the possibilty to discover our fi nal master projects and touch them or maybe not.

Opening & Talk: Friday, 19 October 2018, 19:00

Exhibition: 22.–23.10.2018, 10:00–20:00

designtransfer, UdK Berlin, Einsteinufer 43, 10587 Berlin