Wireless Charched Devices | Tillman Vanhöf

These two devices use the electromagnetic waves and sources of other electronics to be charged wireless and continuously.
One of them charges any other device, like your phone, on the go. 
The other sends an emergency call with GPS data to the nearest emergency center, when the button is pressed.

Power House / future technologies workshop with Marjan van Aubel
Tillman Vanhöf, 6. sem SS 2018

Manifesto: Design – Technology

Design is the profession of dealing with, and in the best case smartly solving, problems in its widest meaning in a creative, elegant way. It is the progress and the process of a search for a new creation. The outcome is a combination of aspects of aesthetics, technologies, crafts and material. It can also implement social interactions and processes.

Technology searches for technical solutions and is mainly science driven. It demands a more sober look at things and does not want emotional interference to appear.

A designer is more of a generalist and an engineer more of a specialist.