Aurore | Jodie Bécard


The overuse of our smartphones was how the project begin. This product has in itself every fonction that we need nowadays. We progressively remove all the fonctionnals objects around us that we used to have before getting phones. Everything goes into a smartphone : an alarm clock, a timer, a radio, visuals contents or reading contents, etc. How to then try not to use this device too much without faking that it doesn’t exist ? The time before sleeping was an interesting thing that I work with. That was all the work around it that brings me to this previous reflexions. How to put away a user from his phone before sleeping and thing about our smartphones habits too ? (as chargement during the night or will to let our phones on in the event of an emergency call.) The idea was to have a passive object that turns on only when we sacrifice our phone. The button is the phone ; the user put it away during the time that he uses the other product. Then he can concentrate on one activity.

The Qi technology uses magnetic induction to give refill of power to our electronics devices. It is currently developed within an industrial consortium called the wireless power consortium. A lot of interested companies gather around this technology to develop it as a standard. This technology will be developed further. I imagine the transportable chargers to disappear while the Qi chargers would be developed everywhere in zones where you can come to charge your devices. Special zones in the streets, places at work where you can charge your computers, etc.

I was really interested in the quiet time that we should have during the night before sleeping. It completely disappear because of our overuse of electronic devices. It keeps you awake because of light, information, and a constant stimulation. How to put it away while sleeping ?

Jodie Bécard, 5.sem WS 2017/18 (exchange)