The focus of this project was oriented since the beginning on the field of extrusion. With different profiles various interesting forms can be created out of the ceramic mass. During the semester the creation of new profiles and numerous experiments lead to a new technique that allows one to quickly and easily generate fine objects and forms . the selfmade press is therefor an essentiel part and can be used as an analoge workstation that works everywhere and without electricity. Through a footpedal the ceramic mass is extruded in a thin tube. At the end of this tube the different extruderprofiles can be fixed. In contrast to most extruders PRESSTO uses the energy of the leg to push the material foreward and therefore both hands can be used in the modelling process. The one wich is holding the tube can precisely determine the form. The other hand can turn and adjust the object during the building phase. Thanks to this a playful way of getting to know the material is possible and delicate objects can be produced.

Sandro Bodet | 4. Sem.