We freeze one moment of the typical cuttlings, to be able to watch and feel it in detail and not only the cuttlings in motion.
First, an Alcantara® pattern is to be weld airproofed and the epoxy resin has to be injected. After fixing the bag in the Rotomoulding machine, rotate the cast mould until a constant and cured wall thickness is received. The achievement is a defined shape which drapery is unique in every single object produced. Also, the soft outer surface of the material is maintained and combined with the stiff inner part.

This object is one of our results out of the rotocoating process. An Alcantara® pattern is weld airproofed and blown up into a stiff cast mould. After injecting the epoxy resin, the pattern has to rotate in the machine until we receive a constant and cured wall thickness. The achievement is an defined shape combined with an in every single produced object unique drapery. With this technique we are able to maintain the soft outer surface and combine it with the stiff inner part. A frozen moment of the typical behavior of this material.