Tanga Talking

tanga•talking [ by Christ van Leest ] inspired by deadly serious waiting rooms where monkeys tried to make some fun . (Kenia (1976).Fig 1). The tangatalk is a sofa with a little tick inside; communication through posture… unexpected and invading. While sitting down the sit position of others will change…hu- mor, fun and interaction. – 1) A hommage to the marshmal- low sofa by George nelson. –2) 28 round yellow pillows with airbags inside are connected through airtubes. (Fig 2,3)– 3) placed in a waiting room. –4) laughing and communicating (Fig 4, Ophra) –5) Sit and touch your neighbour. (Fig 5) 6) tan-ga talk, Tangatalk; communicate through the under- wear.