ME_CHINE | Laura Laipple und Joana Schmitz

In the age of automatisms people are largely displaced by machines from the production process. The products are the result of predetermined parameters. Any spontaneity and possibility of improvisation that arises in a moment of active intervention is thereby lost. Instead of singularity, the endless reproducibility occurs, causing us to lose touch with our products. By replacing human labor, production and consumption are in imbalance.
Machines produce, people consume.
It comes to the unreflected exchange of things without a basic need.

How can a renewed connection be established between modern production possibilities, the resulting products and the human being as a consumer?

Me_chine is the attempt of an interactive dialogue between man and machine and examines the potential of modern production for sustainable alternatives and new references to our product culture.

Laura Laipple | 4. Semester
Joana Schmitz | 2. Semester Anpassungsstudium MA