SYMPOSIUM: Sense & Sustainability Symposium, 22 july | SuSe 2018

Sense & Sustainability: Tjeerd Veenhoven, Tejo Remy, Ed van Hinte, Melissa Ciardullo and moderator Lucas Verweij

22 July 2018

The  Power House project of Summer Semester 2018 ended with a grand finale:  the Sense & Sustainability Symposium. It took at UdK’s designtransfer at a very hot Sunday afternoon.

International guests; designer Tejo Remy, design critic Ed van Hinte, IKEA’s sustainability manager Melissa Ciardullo and material developer/designer Tjeerd Veenhoven spoke about the sense and nonsense of sustainability from their point of view.
Lucas Verweij moderated the questions and conversations that came up with wit and eagerness. Some UdK and Power House students spiced up the intermezzos with short introductions on their projects.

Symposium impressions

Ed van Hinte, Tejo Remy, Tjeerd Veenhoven

Lucas Verweij, Melissa Ciardullo

Lucas Verweij – moderator

Tejo Remy – designer

Louis Bindernagel – Power House student

Takuya Koyama – MA student Media

Melissa Ciardullo – IKEA

Bastian Thürich – Power House student

Sophie Stanitzek – Power House student

Ed van Hinte – design critic

Philipp Hainke – BA graduate

Tjeerd Veenhoven – material developer/designer