New Grounds workweek presented at Istanbul Design Biennial 2018

From 28 October till 4 November 2018 students from the New Grounds project – set during Winter Semester 2018/19 – had a workweek in the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial ‚School of Schools‘. For 6 days they worked on the 6 topics of the biennial and its six exhibitions. Every morning started with a presentation of researches on the topic, than the students started to work on site and had a (group)presentation at the end of the afternoon.
On 4 November a presentation took place of their outcomes in the form of a bazaar, where visitors and students spoke about the topics.
Some impressions of their presentation below.

exhibition for:
UdK Berlin – Institute of Product and Process design
Design & Social Context
supervision: Prof. Ineke Hans




trip home via Orient Express and Sofia

 all at expo in Dutch Consulate