Sea of Stools | Jasper Bertelsen

Sea of stools – No one is an island

We all feel lonely sometimes. But in the last decade´s loneliness became a permanent issue for millions. More than 50 percent of the Germans perceive loneliness as a problem and over 10 percent feel chronically isolated. Recent studies have shown that loneliness has tremendous negative effects on health. But it can be easily diminished – if you do it together.
This stool system helps to overcome obstructions to get in touch with strangers.  To use the stool in public space is a sign to be open to meet other people: One stool won´t stand alone, but can only be hold up by others. Everybody is in need for others to connect. This stool system creates a place that invites people to interact.

Jasper Bertelsen, 3.sem WS 2018/’19