Sea of Stools | Jasper Bertelsen

Sea of stools – No one is an island

We all feel lonely sometimes. Though in the last few decades, loneliness has become a pressing issue for millions of people in western societies. Statistically, over 45% of Americans feel lonely on a regular basis; recent studies have shown that loneliness is associated with adverse effects on our physiological and psychological well-being. At the same time public space, in its current form, does not motivate us to come together with strangers. Humans don’t work alone, and the seating elements of No One Is an Island don’t either. To use a stool, people have to come together and find another element to attach onto. These stools illustrate, that everybody needs somebody to connect to – no one is an island. Because it´s visible, it feels easy and naturally to get in touch with strangers.

Jasper Bertelsen, 3.sem WS 2018/’19