Vitaminimalism | Martin Fenske


61% of the overall avoidable food waste is produced in our households.
Vitaminimalism is a set that allows us to dice and dry vegetables that we do not manage to consume before they get bad. This is an old method of conservation that also preserves the essential vitamins. The drying rack only uses the antibacterial and moisture balancing material properties of conifer wood and the natural room airflow.  

The rack is made from solid oak wood that has been colored black and treated with natural oils. It can hold up to four trays that constist of untreated pinewood rods which are hold together by food-safe silicone connectors. Studies have proven that natural pinewood is highly antibacterial (for example against salmonella) and therefore much more hygenic than other materials being commonly used in kitchens.

Connectors made from 6 mm food-save silicone give the trays stability and flexibilty at the same time. Being able to bend the tray makes cleaning easy and allows to pour the dried pieces in a controlled way.

The cutting device is a three bladed folding knife. The three individually usable blades allow a double function. First all three blades are used to slice the vegetable into stripes. Afterwards a single blade is used to cut the stripes into dices.

Martin Fenske, 7.sem WS 2018/19