Deathvessel | Angela Sun



 In Asian tradition, paper is widely used to pass the message from the living ones to the dead one. By burning paper, the object disappears after, which brings the after life. Paper money, paper car, paper house were made to burn for the dead, for them to use in their after life. During funerals, people also provide food offering to the dead, and eat it after the ceremony. By creating an object that can be burned and cook food at the same time, it provides both functions for the ceremony.

Death Vessel is an object to use for funerary. It is made of paper, coded with Rice Gruel. Rice Gruel functions as a glue and code to bind paper. It has a metal structure, and a metal web in the middle of the vessel. The metal web is used for cooking food offering. The burning process brings heat to the whole piece, so the raw food offering van be cooked.