Second Skin | Gaya Salman


Second Skin

Jewelries are commonly used for many years and goes threw many generations. A product that we consume and keep for a long time, which is different then our usual consuming habits, buying with knowing that it is temporary, and sometimes even single used. In my project Second Skin, I created pieces for the body that are made to be used only once or twice after the piece is made. A single use jewellery that u can wear for a specific event.

The pieces are made from Aquafaba, by cooking chick pea in water, the carbohydrates, proteins and fats are being migrated to the water forming this new liquid material.

This material is also being produced from different kind of beans, but it mostly used from chick peas as a substance for egg whites in vegan cuisine.

With a thick consistency after reducing the liquid, I poured it into silicon moulds waiting for it to cool down and leave it to air dry until the next day.

Creating bio-plastic looking elastic sheet, easy to form in the first day. After a while it gets harder to manipulate. With this, I was able to manipulate the material on the body, and make temporary decorative pieces.