Daniel Juhart

Daniel Juhart | 2018 | Bachelorarbeit Modedesign

The Body Form Research Project

The Body Form Research Project is a future oriented research into new design processes that are closely tied to pattern development. 3D scan technology is used to create unconventional forms of clothing.
The experiment „Body Form Research“ was the point of departure for the whole project. In search of unconventional forms sculptural and abstract form developed in the process. This was achieved through the interaction of material, the human body and movement.
A measuring of the body forms and silhouettes by means of the 3D scan is necessary to capture new Modelllinien via the elastic textiles. The goal is to create 3D computer models in form of CAD data that can be used to create patterns. In comparison to traditional methods this technique enables a new and freer way of pattern construction.
In search of a new approach in fashion that includes the process and product equally I created new objects that I call „artifacts“. They are the synthesis of the flowing forms of spontaneous movement and conventional industrial and technical tools. Amorphous forms meet hard edges.
The deformation based on BFR confronts the western idea of the perfect body. BFR offers a variety of possibilities to find new forms of clothing and research the fashion body of our time.

Betreut von: Prof. Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus / Prof. Jozef Legrand / Gast Prof. Carolin Lerch



Teaser: Creative Direction: Daniel Juhart / Editorial and Camera: Jan Christian Propfe / Assistant: Alexandra Elli Mümmler / Fotos: Torben Becker / Protagonists: Melodi Yüce and Antonio Braune / 3D Scans: 3D Laser Scan Berlin 

The Experiment – Fotos: Torben Becker  / Model: Melodi Yüce and Antonio Braune 

Fashion & Concept: Daniel Juhart, Fotos: Emi Maria Bohacek emimariabohacek.com, Model: Jozef Roth