Marina Kitsukawa

Marina Kitsukawa | 2019 | Bachelorarbeit Modedesign

The Artisan

What is the significance of materials, traditions and skills? What role does crafting and craftsmanship play in the age of digitization, hypercapitalism and automatism?

This project is about the challenges and potentials of crafts in the 21st century.

Yuzen, a craft that visually captures Japan‘s traditional motifs on silk, is an endangered art. The scope of application is in many cases limited to the decoration of kimonos. In this way, Yuzen is a symbol of a never-changing, endangered craftsmanship. By exploring this craft, I hope to open it up to other uses and thus to show a way to save the craft in general in the 21st century. This collection serves as a reference and reminder of the awareness of the long-lived and timeless quality of artisanal products that today‘s society has lost.

Betreut von: Prof. Valeska Schmidt-ThomsenWM Martin Beck / Mads Dinesen

Photos: Lexi Sun / Hair and Makeup: Nghiem Tuong Vi /Models: Hongor, Jason, Ruben (Viva Models) Changki, Arnold / Assistant: Miriam Schade, Maximilian Backhaus / Fashion: Marina Kitsukawa