Carmen Abele

Carmen Abele | 2019 | Bachelorarbeit Modedesign


The collection CYCLE_1 is a contention of the relation between the body and it‘s surrounding space.

How to react to the discrepancy of digital space and the empirical value of clothing in our real world? The collection devises an answer with parameters of functionality and tactility.

CYCLE_1 is showing the process A life cycle and constant renewal. Hereby the body is seen as
a reference to create pieces that function
as a second skin and support every movement the body performs. The reference of construction and functionality creates a surrounding layer and intimate space between the body and it‘s environment.

Betreut von: Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Harms / Prof. Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus / Gast Prof. Franziska Schreiber

Fashion & Concept: Carmen Abele / Photos: Robert Hamacher / Model: Elisabeth Bauer