Marie Radke highlighted on Dezeen | nov 2019

The Home: Familie Hempel by Marie Radke from University of the Arts Berlin

„The nature of the home is changing, whether it be connected, nomadic, micro, off-grid. The projects in this section explore how we can make the most of these spaces, highlighting both the potential and pitfalls of the domestic sphere.

„A good example of that is Familie Hempel by Marie Radke. The main reason that I selected this project is just that it made me smile – there’s something really joyful about it and I appreciate the designer’s easy sense of humour.

„The premise of the collection is very simple – the designer noticed that in every household, there is a chair whose sole purpose is to be piled with clothes, worn but not quite ready to go to the washing machine. While typically seen as a sign of mess, she thought it would be good to acknowledge the ubiquity and value of this part of the domestic landscape, creating a series of chairs that accommodate and celebrate the chaos of our daily lives.

„The title is inspired by an old German saying – ‚Your room looks like the Hempel family’s place!‘ – which is apparently something that parents shout when a child has made a mess of their room.“

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