Let the good times roll | Luisa Wittkamp | BA 2019


Let the good times roll | Bachelorarbeit 2019

The walker - an object that is essential to the life of many, yet viewed as
unattractive and distasteful. An observer can feel the conflicting emotions
of pity and disgust while watching the heavy and tottery constructions
being pushed around. Many users feel shame and frustration associated with
these necessary, but often dysfunctional and unappealing objects. This
stigmatisation stands in contrast with the rising demand for walkers due to
baby boomers entering the retirement stage, increasingly longer life
expectancy and the high purchasing power held by sixty-somethings.

“Let the good times roll” takes on this issue and researches alternative
approaches to existing walkers. The goal is to challenge the current
perception of the walker and its users by rethinking its functionality and
aesthetics: How can its design be more centered around its users needs? How
can the interaction be uncomplicated and intuitive? How can it’s appearance
be made engaging and pleasant instead of shameful?

“Let the good times roll” distances itself from the shiny metal and cheap
plastic parts that characterize the clinical and overly technical look of
standard walker models. Key of the design is the reworked folding
mechanism, which gives the walker a more minimal and clean identity. The
mechanical components that are usually attached additively all over the
frame are integrated into the central joint, so the user is seeing only elements to interact with, such as buttons, flaps and levers. The color
choices further highlight these parts to make their use guided and inviting. Furthermore, the construction allows for potential individualizations. The project is designed to enable satisfying, joyful interactions with an object that has long been neglected.






B. Schmitz, H. Neumann, S. Herm