LHB150 | Merlin Everding


helps to create a personal area for the guest. During the day, the furniture can be used as a seat, in the evening it becomes a sleeping place for guests. with a movable backrest, three states are possible, which can be adapted to the situation of the guest. LHB150 is a bench, a chaise longue and a bed all in one. So it can be integrated into the living concept of the host and can be used by the guest if required.

In the past it was common for friends and family members who came to visit to stay overnight in the family home. Today, cheap hotels or Airbnb apartments are often used instead. The reason is simple: you want to cause the host as little inconvenience as possible and have your own space. With LHB150 I would like to combine these two elements.

With the hook-in pockets on the belly of LHB150, the guest has all his personal belongings bundled in one place. They not only offer space for clothes, but also for electronic devices or the toilet bag. 

The motto here is simple: only those who know where they belong can really feel at home. 

LHB150 allows the guest to assign a place during a short visit where he or she feels as little as possible to disturb his or her host – and thus feel at home.

Merlin Everding, 7.sem WS 2019/20