Design! Now?, UdK-IPP presentation and talks at IMM Cologne 2020

From 13 till 18 January 2019 the Product Design course of Universität der Künste Berlin presented itself at the Pure Talents section of International Interiors Fair IMM in Cologne.

The BA and MA Students are concerned with time in which we live. How does our society change, and what furniture, products, and services are needed for it now and in our future?

• They develop new forms, materials, and techniques for design
• They look critically at how our society and needs develop
• They explore product-typologies to fit how we live, and will live
• They aim to create products and solutions with positive impact

At International Furniture Fair IMM in Cologne they  presented products for the home and our daily life. Some for now, some for later.
Works by: Sophie Stanitzek, Marie Radke, Milan Siegers, Felix Harwood, Philipp Hainke, Oskar Bigalke, Eike Julian Voss, Tillman Vanhöf, Tobi Trübenbacher, Anna Koppmann, Sergei Saraiva

During IMM UdK Product Design also contributed to IMM’s talks program with two UDK talks at the Pure Campus Forum in Hall 3.1: on the position of design today
14 January 14.00 – 14.30 pm:
DESIGN! NOW? by Mathias Hahn –
15 January 13.00 – 13.30 pm:
DESIGN!NOW? – by Thomas Schur –
On 14 January at 16:00  a meet and greet event took place at the stand Hall 3.1 H-10

The stand in Köln was from elements and material that were used in education afterwards.
Exhibition supervision and curatorial concept: Prof. Ineke Hans.
Assistant: : KM Maciej Chmara.

With IPP talks by:Mathias HahnThomas Schnur




Talk DESIGN! NOW? by Mathias Hahn


Talk DESIGN!NOW? – by Thomas Schur



Exhibition opening