Five UdK students‘ projects have been selected for this year’s edition of Global Grad Show Dubai: IGNIS by Tobias Trübenbacher, FIRST AID GLOVES by Anna Koppmann, ORGANICO by Philipp Hainke, WATER SCALE by Louis Bindernagel and FAMILIE HEMPEL by Marie Radke.
The Global Grad Show is one of the highlights of Dubai Design Week and the initiativ invites the worlds best graduates over to Dubai to show there work. For the 2019’s edition Eleanor Watson was appointed as curator. Eleanor is part of the curatorial team at the Design Museum in London. Approximately only one in every hundred projects were selected this year as a record number of applications were put forward. It is exceptional that not one but five (!) students have been selected. The Product Design students – of which 3 have not even graduated yet – were invited to Dubai from 11-16 November. Prof. Ineke Hans was moderating and involved a talk in a Conference on Innovating for Social Impact.

Below a film and impressions of the expo  and the trip that Anna, Philipp, Tobi, Marie and Ineke made.


Global Grad Show exhibition


Tobias Trübenbacher, Philipp Hainke,
Marie Radke & Anna Koppmann


Prof. Ineke Hans talking at social impact symposium and…

moderating debate with speakers from RCA-London and TU-Delft

UdK students on show

Students from all over the world

Dubai impressions

Trip to Abu Dhabi

on the way back home