Marlene Haase

By the Rules | 2020 | Ba Modedesign

By the Rules

For my Bachelor project, I am currently working on the question of the extent to which economic factors in the form of trade barriers and the increasing shortage of resources influence fashion design processes. Or to express in a more bold way: “How the trade war between the US and China reshapes fashion”The punitive tariffs between the USA and China made me think of the relationship between fashion and economics and I wanted to understand how a political decision can directly influence fashion design. For my research I conducted interviews with the Federal Ministry of Economics’ customs office in Berlin and with fashion brands from the US and figured out that the punitive tariffs have a big influence on the design process of fashion.

My collection will show and debate the design approach under trade barriers. To do so, I invented a collection that circumvents the punitive tariffs of the US.  For example, instead of the iconic American denim, on which punitive tariffs have been imposed under the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, I will use pure silk, which is not affected by the tariffs, and will print denim texture on top of it. For my collection I like to play with iconic items, such as emblematic fabrics considering the American history, and how they might metamorphose under current political tendencies. 

Created in consultation with: Prof. Valeska Schmidt-Thomsen  / Gast Prof. Franziska Schreiber / Dr. Renate Stauss

Fotos: Esther Haase
H&M: Gunnar Schendera
Models: Robina von M4