MYRRIAD is an autonomous publication by students focusing on fashion and textile design.

„Coming together in unconditional dialogue and practical projects.
A magazine discussing the political, social and psychological aspects of fashion and textile design.“

“In this magazine we would like to present our individual works together and put them into context in which they emerged. Out projects are very diverse – a myriad of concepts and formats – but there are topics that come up again and again. The gender dynamics of fashion, body image, the fashion system and its influence on the design process, sustainability as well as philosophical concepts that go beyond fashion. In this magazine they come together as a representation of our community in the UdK microcosm.”

“The choice to create this magazine was also heavily influenced by the current pandemic. The changes to the annual UdK Rundgang as result of Covid-19 result in new challenges for the presentation and communication of our projects. In times of otherwise more removed, social distancing approved exhibition formats, it was important to us to also create a haptic experience with [a] magazine. While digital possibilities are a true blessing during this time, we decided to put extra focus on the print version of Myriad. Digital concepts for fashion are becoming ever more important, but clothes and textiles also tether us to the material world and provide sensory experience in-between the screen-flattened world we currently operate in.”

Magazine Excerpt